The Thomas Hardye Sixth Form
Learning is Everything

Summer Tasks

It is important that you make the best possible start in September and in order to help you achieve this we always set some tasks to complete over the summer period. We often suggest that students complete these towards the end of the holiday. However, we have decided to make these tasks available to you now.

There are preparation tasks for each subject that should take around 3-4 hours to complete. If you are unsure what to study in the sixth form then these tasks may also help you decide and you are welcome to complete tasks in any subject you are considering studying.

It is vital that each task is completed in full and to the best of your ability. None of the work requires extensive prior knowledge of the new courses but you may learn new things about the course or develop the skills required to make a success of your chosen courses. The tasks will be assessed in a variety of ways, some through peer assessment in class and some will be directly assessed by the teacher.