The Thomas Hardye Sixth Form
Learning is Everything


We are proud to offer a wide range of high quality subjects and qualifications within our Sixth Form. We provide various pathways of study that enable all students to progress and succeed in their journey beyond the Sixth Form. Students are able to follow an Advanced Level Academic pathway or a Level 3 Vocational pathway. In addition students have the opportunity to study additional qualifications and undertake enrichment activities.

Guided Independent Learning

Unique to the Thomas Hardye sixth form is the Guided Independent Learning Programme designed to support students in their transition from GCSE to A-level. The programme equips students with the skills to research and to learn independently, it also examines attitudes to study and helps students to develop the habits that will allow them to be successful. This programme has been especially designed to provide guidance across the curriculum and has considerable input from Southampton’s Learn With Us department.


The Extended Project Qualification is very highly regarded by Universities as completing it shows clear evidence of motivation, resilience and independent work as it is a research qualification undertaken by students in a topic completely of their own choosing.

Students are supported by an in school mentor to reach an evidenced based conclusion. At the Thomas Hardye sixth form the results are consistently outstanding.