The Thomas Hardye Sixth Form
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All students in the Sixth Form have a dedicated Tutor they will see twice each day during registration. Tutors are the first port of call for students and will take an active role in supporting students throughout their time in the Sixth Form.

A list of current Sixth Form Tutors is available here.

Counsellor Service

Being aware of the pressures students face, the Sixth Form is able to offer appointments with a counsellor on the school site. We also have the support of other agencies including Routes, Ansbury and various health agencies.

Financial Support

The 16-19 Bursary Fund is a scheme to help students facing financial hardship to continue in full time education after Year 11.

Bursary Documents

Because of the current situation regarding Coronavirus, you may not know the outcome of your bursary award until after the deadline of 25 September.


Via a combination of sessions delivered by year co-ordinators, tutors and outside guest speakers Sixth Form students PSHCE programme explores Money Management, Multi-Faith Communities, Technology and Education, Emotional Resilience, Wellbeing, Drugs and Alcohol and Gender Inequality.

In Year 12 students attend sessions on Technology and Education as part of their Guided Independent Learning transition sessions in the first term of Year 12. In these sessions we problematize and question the benefits and pitfalls of technology and how mobile and internet usage has changed the way we learn. We explore how technology has changed the way that students research, time manage and organise themselves. This includes exploring the paradox that, according to most contemporary research, as a society we are more connected than ever yet also feel curiously more alone.

In the Spring term of Year 12 the focus shifts to wellbeing and emotional resilience. We are visited by Dorset Mind who speak about the importance of understanding our emotional and psychological triggers and suggest ways in which we can prepare ourselves for the manifold challenges life will throw at us.

In a broader educational sense, in terms of debates around human rights, we welcome Clive Stafford Smith from Reprieve to the school. Clive talks about his work in representing those who have been denied a voice or have been victims of social injustice. His reflections on working in Guantanamo Bay and within, and often against, the American judicial system are fascinating. He is a brilliant speaker.

As part of our ongoing focus on wellbeing we are also visited by Peter Hall, who is a powerful and emotionally engaging speaker who tells his own story of drug and alcohol addiction. In terms of our students’ feedback his visit is a real highlight of the year. Later in this term we are visited by a representative of the local Mosque, this year Dr Basheer, who speaks to students about Islam and Islamophobia: Challenging Media Stereotypes.

Later in this year 12 we are visited by Wanda Wyporska from The Equality Trust. Wanda speaks to our students about Radical Feminism and the challenges faced by women in our post #metoo culture. Importantly, to complement these always engaging, sometimes emotive, often challenging speakers we set short activities within tutor time to follow up and develop these areas of knowledge. We also invite students to ask questions to clear up understanding or help them to foster further interests.

In Year 13 we place a heavy emphasis on the practicalities of preparing for life beyond sixth form. As such, our Money Matters tutor time programme takes in student finance, student housing, how to apply for grants, loans and bursaries. We broach this via a combination of quizzes and use of lots of up to the minute research from the press. Alongside this focus, we frequently revisit the importance of Wellbeing and Emotional and physical wellbeing introduced in Year 12. Our Tutor Programme, which has a strong emphasis on each student’s PSHCE provision, is an important of their Sixth Form experience.