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Application for Bursary 2021-22

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NB Please provide as much supporting documentation as possible. A decision can be reached more quickly when full information is made available.

Application for Vulnerable Student Bursary (Band 1)

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Please provide written confirmation of your current or previous looked-after status from the relevant local authority to support your application

Application for Discretionary Bursary or Educational Support Grant (Bands 2, 3, 4 or 5)

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My family receives benefits as indicated below (Please provide evidence of each benefit):

Please attach Proof of Earned Income, ie most recent P60


Please ensure that full copies of Tax Credit/Universal Credit awards, or other supporting documents, are provided with this application as partial copies will not be accepted, potentially delaying payment.

The more accurate picture of financial circumstances provided, the easier it will be for a decision to be reached on the level of bursary granted.

If physical copies of evidence are supplied, all paperwork will be returned

Supporting Information for Educational Support Grant

If you are experiencing difficulties uploading your supporting documents we are happy to receive it in paper form, addressed to Mrs Buck, Sixth Form Office


Please visit

All Applicants:

Please do not make purchases/bookings before assistance is approved. Where appropriate receipts may be required.

Subject(s) to be studied

Student's Bank Account Details

(Payments will be made directly to the student by BACS transfer)

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Without this information bursaries cannot be paid.

Please remember to inform Mrs Buck if bank account details change through the course of the school year


I/We declare that the information given in support of this application is correct and complete to the best of my/our knowledge and belief.

I/We understand that any false information may result in a bursary being withdrawn or repayment requested.

I/We will inform the Thomas Hardye School immediately of any change of circumstances, at any time, which may affect my entitlement to support (for example if I leave school or parents’ income changes.

I/We understand that this information will not be shared with third party organisations, except for audit purposes.

I/We understand that poor attendance (unauthorised absence), non-compliance with the Sixth Form Agreement, receipt of a Formal Warning may result in the loss of financial support.

I/We understand that awards made are subject to the school being in receipt of sufficient funds from the Education Funding Agency.

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