The Thomas Hardye Sixth Form
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Meet The Team

Sixth Form Team

Richard Nicholls

Richard Nicholls
Head of Sixth Form

Matthew Bewley

Matthew Bewley
Year 12 Co-ordinator

Chris Hall

Chris Hall
Year 13 Co-ordinator, Extended Project Qualification Coordinator

Tim Ayre

Tim Ayre
Higher Education Co-ordinator

Penny Campbell

Penny Campbell
Year 12 Deputy Co-ordinator, Professional Pathways

Gemma Allner

Gemma Allner
Year 13 Deputy Co-ordinator

Abbie Tinsley

Abbie Tinsley
Mentoring Lead

Jade Canning

Jade Canning

Beverley Deremaux

Beverley Deremaux
Office Manager

Bridget Buck

Bridget Buck
Attendance Officer

Sixth Form Tutors

All students in the Sixth Form have a dedicated Tutor they will see twice each day during registration. Tutors are the first port of call for students and will take an active role in supporting students throughout their time in the Sixth Form.

Year 12

Tutor Group Tutor
12AD A Davies
12BT B Trevorrow
12BY N Bramley
12CD C Dilvarhoussen
12DA D Almond / A Ellison
12DH D Hallett
12DM D Mackay
12EN E Ncube
12EP E Prochorenko
12GB G Bunker / P Eadie
12HR H Roser
12JG J Glennie / A Langstone
12JJ J Josic / P Smith
12KMo K Morgan
12MK M Kerridge
12RJ R Jehu
12RM R Morgan / V Richmond
12WA A Wakeman / L Wise

Year 13

Tutor Group Tutor
13AH A Harris / L Pearson
13AW A Whitley
13CB C Brady / L Hensher
13CS C Selway
13DK D King
13CR C Roper-Brown / C Price
13HG H Greening
13GQ A Gannon / M Quinn
13JR J Rowe
13JT J Thomson / C Tapscott
13LC L Crooks
13NB N Bentley
13PB P Bendall
13SL S Lewis
13SO E Cruxon
13SP S Patel
13ST C Storey
13WW E Wombwell / H Emadian

The Sixth Form Higher Education Coordinator is responsible for providing high quality advice, guidance and support to all students interested in Higher Education after Sixth Form. The Sixth Form has a wealth of knowledge and experience supporting over 400 students each year to successfully access Higher Education.

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